Why Do I Need A Georgia Accident Report?

Why Do I Need An Accident Report?

Have you been involved in an unexpected car accident in Georgia? Are you planning to file a lawsuit or a claim with the insurance company? If so, one of the first items they will ask for is a copy of your official accident report. This is because the insurance company will use information documented in your accident report as evidence when investigating your claim.

Without an accident report, your chances of getting an appropriate settlement could diminish significantly. That is why you should always contact local police after every type of accident, no matter how minor it may have been.

Once an officer arrives at the scene, they will take down as much information pertaining to your accident as possible for the report, including:

  • Location details.
  • Vehicle information.
  • Driver and passenger information.
  • Injury or fatality information.
  • Narrative and diagram of the crash.
  • Commercial vehicle information (if applicable)

Requirements for Filing an Accident Report in Georgia

According to the Georgia state law, any driver involved in a collision must report it to police if any of the following occur as a direct result:

  • Injuries
  • Death
  • Damages over $500

You could face significant financial penalties or even jail time should you fail to file an accident report for any collision other than a minor fender bender.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Accident Report

The waiting period for a crash report to be filed online is typically about 10 days.

You can request a copy of your accident report from the local law enforcement agency or Georgia Department of Public Safety. Unfortunately, this process can take up a lot of your valuable time and come with a service or processing fee.

Now, you can request a copy of your official crash report without leaving the comfort of your own home! No lines, no government agencies, and no unnecessary fees. Just give us a few details about your accident, and we will do the rest!

The cost of an accident report varies from state to state. Processing and service fees will typically cost around $5.00.

We strongly believe you should never have to pay a fee for legal information that is rightfully yours. That is why we will get you a completely FREE copy of your official accident report with absolutely zero obligations.

The insurance adjuster assigned to your claim will use the accident report to determine a number of essential aspects of your crash. The information provided in your report is used to establish fault and caution. They will also look into the severity and number of injuries sustained in the wreck

Once their investigation is complete, the adjuster will decide how much you receive in compensation and adjust your rates accordingly.

You should always contact Georgia law enforcement immediately after a crash. However, if they do not respond to your accident, you may want to consider calling again.

You can file an accident report on your own. However, the insurance company will not consider your opinion nearly as much as the opinion of an unbiased law enforcement officer.

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