How Do I Get A Copy Of My Crash Report?

If you were involved in a collision in Georgia, you might be wondering what to do next. If you plan on filing a lawsuit or a claim with the insurance company, you will likely need a copy of your official crash report. Your insurance company will use this report as a key piece of evidence when determining your settlement.

Obtaining this report through local law enforcement or the Georgia Department of Public Safety (GDPS) can be a complex process. They typically require you to wait in line, pay a processing fee, and even fill out extensive paperwork before providing a copy of your accident report.

We believe you should never have to jump through hoops to recover a Georgia crash report that is rightfully yours. That is why we will recover a copy of your official Georgia collision report and never charge you a penny to do so.

What’s In an Official Georgia Accident Report?

The official crash report document contains four sections wherein the officer who responded to your accident will record all pertinent details about your crash, including:

  • The names, addresses, and contact information for all parties involved
  • The type of accident that occurred (stopped, moving, pedestrian, bicycle, etc.)
  • Vehicle insurance policy information
  • Details regarding any injuries or fatalities sustained in the wreck
  • The reporting officer’s department, name, and badge number

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Georgia Accident Report

Having access to your official crash report can be incredibly beneficial when you decide to file a claim. It will likely be one of the very first things the insurance company will inquire about after your accident. The adjuster will use your report to determine the circumstances leading to your crash and who may be at fault.

Being able to provide this report early on could expedite the claims process and potentially get you a better settlement in the end.

In Georgia, you are able to get a copy of your accident report through the local law enforcement or DMV office where the crash occurred. However, this process can be time-consuming and require you to pay a $5.00 processing fee.

Yes. If you are involved in a collision while in another state, you can still request an official copy of your report. Provide a few details regarding the location of your crash, and we will recover an absolutely free copy of your official accident report.

Yes. Anyone with a vested interest in your accident can recover a copy of the crash report in most states. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Attorneys
  • Courts
  • Insurance companies
  • All drivers involved in the crash
  • All passengers involved in the crash
  • Any victims of the crash

As a general rule, you should always contact Georgia police after any crash. Without doing so, there can never be an official record of the incident even occurring. Under Georgia law, you are required to file an accident report for any collision that results in personal injury, death, or more than $500 in property damage.

Don’t let unnecessary processing fees or paperwork keep you from obtaining legal information that could benefit your Georgia car accident claim. Instead, simply provide us with a few details about your accident, and we will recover a completely free copy of your official crash report!

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